The difference between the medical powered air purifying respirators and other respirators
  2022/10/28| View:235

Medical powered air purifying respirator is a loose positive pressure respirator. It provides respiratory protection by powering the intake of air and filtering it. What is the difference between medical powered air purifying respirators and other respirators?

medical powered air purifying respirator 

If other respirators are not worn correctly, the resulting negative pressure can cause harmful substances to enter. However, the medical powered air purifying respirator can provide positive airflow to the wearer all the time, which partly solves the problem of poor sealing effect when wearing the respirator. The protection of the medical powered air purifying respirator ranges from a welded helmet to a full mask, and a full mask made from disposable materials made for biohazard work.


Other respirators can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time, but you may find them more comfortable if you choose to use a medical powered air purifying respirator. Because the motor assembly of the device generates positive pressure, the air is pulled through the device. In a medical powered air purifying respirator, this constant flow of filtered air keeps you cool and reduces perspiration. You might be better able to focus on the task at hand.


These are the differences between the medical powered air purifying respirator, a type of respiratory protection device used by industry and medical personnel to protect themselves from toxic fumes or biological hazards, and other respirators. They provide a level of comfort and protection that is difficult to achieve with other respirators. If you need anything, you can contact us.