Secure your every breath

SHINE PAPR P1000 Series


  • Shine P1000 offers 3 different levels :170L/Min, 200L/Min, 230L/Min, with intelligient constant airflow.
  • Shine P1000 meets the highest breathing protection class TH3 rating under CE EN12941,and NIOSH standard.P1000 PAPR filter media removes up to 99.996% of particles down to 0.185μm.
  • Intuitive LCD display user interface indicates airflow level, filter status,battery level.
  • Shine P1000 Standard Battery lasts up to over 10 hours.High capacity battery provides more than 15 hours of operating time at the airflow of 170L/min,and more than 10 hours of operating time at the higest airflow of 230L/min while remain the same size and weight as a standard capacity battery.The user does not need to worry about battery life during the shift.
  • Shine P1000 is compatiable with multiple type welding helmet.

Air Channel

  • Regular airduct,used for most
    Shine helmet and PAPR combination
    Anticlockwise adjust the switch, the middle air outlet delivers 80% and each side outlet delivers 10%.
    Clockwise adjust the switch, the middle air outlet delivers 20% and each side outlet delivers 40%.
  • Integrated Airduct used for SparX Air INTELLIGENT Dual Air Channel System
    The dual air channel delivers 80% to your breathe zone, and 20% to the grinding visor zone to prevent fogging.
    UNIQUE Air Ventilation Mesh
    Unique REPLACEABLE Air Vent Mesh Filter design continuously supplies SOFTER fresh air, which increases wearing comfort.
  • HEPA FilterHigh Efficiency (HE) particle filter removes at least 99.996% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.185 microns (µm).
  • Carbon Odor filterCarbon Odor filter removes unpleasant odors in the work environment. A pre-filter and HE particle filter must be used at all times when using P1000.
  • Gas FilterThe gas filter offers A1B1E1 protection against harmful gas, such as organic vpors or acid gases, which help secure breathe of the users working in severely polluted or chemical toxic environments. Available in Q1,2024.
  • Breathing tube

    HIGH-END breathing tube

    Waist belt + shoulder straps

    HIGH-END waist belt + shoulder straps

    Battery Charging Stand


  • Battery Charing Stand provides 6 charging positions, allowing 6 batteries to be charged simutaneouly, saving charging time and improving work efficiency.The charging stand works with any standard power supply.
  • Main technical characteristics
    Airflow velocity170L/MIN,200L/MIN,230L/MIN
    System Automatic detecting and controling system provides constantly stable clean air
    Switch3 levels of airflow control
    On/off switch
    Automatic shutting down if unused for 30 mins
    Liquid crystal displayAirflow leval and data
    Battery life
    Filter loading status
    WarningLow battery
    Jammed filter
    Airflow jammed causing low airflow
    High battery temperature
    Working noiseMax.73dB
    High filter efficiency99.996%@0.3um
    Filtration levelTH3 PRSL
    WeightComplete unit 1370g
    No batteries 1020g
    Battery operating timeStandard battery
    Level 1:>10h
    Level 2:>8h
    Level 3:>6h
    Heavy duty battery(Optional)
    Level 1:>15h
    Level 2:>12h
    Level 3:>10h
    BatteryLI-ION 12v 4400mAh
    Charging time3.5h / 5h
    Charging frequency≥500
    Operating temperature-5°C~+55℃
    CertificatesCE EN 12941.1998+A2:2008 NIOSH 42 CFR PART 84