The advantages of the powered air respirator
  2022/10/21| View:70

Thepowered air respirator is an air purifier that uses a blower to deliver ambient air through an air purifier to the air intake cover.


Both powered air respirators and non-powered respirators use similar filters. However, the unpowered air respirator requires lung power to draw air into the filter. The electric air purifier uses a fan to draw air into the filter element.


Why use a powered air respirator?


(1) fan-driven operation of a powered air respirator means that during a typical workday, workers are much less fatigued. This applies to workers of all abilities.


(2) fit options are critical for many workers. The Gentex Pureflopowered air respirator is specified as a loose fit. They don't fit as tightly as a non-powered respirator. This means that the worker can grow a beard and/or wear his or her glasses without lowering protection.


powered air respirator

(3) the powered air respirator does not require a wear test, but the non-powered respirator does, which means that the worker can not grow a beard, and it must be shaved off.


(4) a relaxed powered air respirator combines with its powered air, meaning that the powered air respirator is cooler and more comfortable than a non-powered respirator. Workers do not have to face sweating conditions caused by rubber or silicone masks.


(5) most importantly, PAPR is safer. The fan pushes air into the hood or helmet and creates positive pressure. Under positive pressure, pollutants are squeezed out and prevented from entering. However, a non-powered respirator produces negative pressure. This means that if not installed correctly, the user may breathe the contamination into the mask.


These are the advantages of powered air respirators, given the many benefits to workers and greater safety, whether you work in general industry, repair, welding, grinding, powder coating, paint, chemical handling, pharmaceuticals, or dangerous goods manufacturing, powered air respirator is the right choice for you.