Air purifying respirator maintenance
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Air purifying respirator (respirator) is a kind of breathing protective equipment. Its quality, performance, stability, and other factors will directly affect the safety of the wearer's life, air purifying respirator should be properly maintained.


Keep the air purifying respirator mask clean.


When the air purifying respirator is not used for long periods, the operator needs to perform regular maintenance and maintenance on it to maintain its normal function. The need to first perform a full-mask progression check on the air purifying respirator at the time of progressive maintenance, with the primary need to keep the full-mask lenses clean, except for the inability to remove dust from the lenses; Other toxic, harmful, and corrosive substances also need to be cleaned on time, at any time to keep the mask mirror clean.



Air purifying respirator valve is regularly maintained.


There are two critical valves for the air purifying respirator that require regular progression maintenance, and these are the intake valve and the exhalation valve, respectively, both of which have a direct impact on the use of the air purifying respirator; Therefore, operators need to regularly check the intake and exhalation valves to ensure that the switch between the two valves keeps the connection between the agile valve and the valve stable.


air purifying respirator


The air density needs to remain normal.


The maintenance of the air purifying respirator is most important to maintain normal air density, and the method of detection can be achieved by opening the bottle head valve as the pressure in the line decompression system rises, and the air source alarm then makes a short sound, the operator needs to monitor the air pressure progress in the cylinder after the head valve is opened to ensure that the air purifying respirator pressure is within normal range.

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