Features and instructions of auto darkening welding helmet
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The auto darkening welding helmet helmet is a new product that is different from the traditional welding mask. It can adjust automatically according to the current arc light intensity, thus greatly liberating the user's hands and helping the user to finish the work more easily. Let's take a brief look at its features and instructions for use.


auto darkening welding helmet features the following:


1, light and comfortable wear experience, ease welding fatigue;


2, a wide visual angle, can help welders to broaden their vision of welding;


3, non-polar light-changing, can meet most of the welding methods;


4. Don't take off the welding cap in the process of grinding.


auto darkening welding helmet

auto darkening welding helmet:


1. Read the instruction manual carefully before using auto darkening welding helmet.


2. For the first time, remove the protective film before and after the mask lens.


3. Adjust the headband according to your head shape and comfort.


A) turn the adjusting knob on the headband at the back of the head by turning the knob inward to the anticlockwise direction to enlarge the headband size and clockwise to reduce the headband size.


B) the head at the top of the headband is provided with a size-adjusting hole. You can adjust the positioning hole according to your head shape. Then you can adjust the welding mask to be worn on the top and bottom of the head.


C) the two sides of the welding face mask are provided with rectangular headband adjusting holes, which can adjust the front and rear orientation of the face mask and the headband. If you do not achieve the desired state, you can also adjust the three headband positioning holes on the right side of the mask, forward adjustment is to shorten the distance between the mask and the nose, and vice versa is to enlarge the distance.


4. Adjust the shading number knob according to the welding current and the welding method to select the appropriate shading number.


The above are the characteristics of auto darkening welding helmet and instructions for use, I hope to give you help, if there are other problems, you can directly consult us.