How do you pick a PAPR respirator?
  2022/07/01| View:709

In industry, we divide respiratory protection into filter and air-supply types. The Masks and mask products that people wear are all filter-type respiratory protection, that is to say, through the absorption, absorption, catalysis and filtration of purification components, the air in the environment is purified, remove the harmful substances, the body can become a breathable source of air.


So what should be considered to select a practical PAPR respirator? Small for you summarized the following points.

PAPR respirator

1. Whether or not you breathe comfortably after wearing it

PAPR respirator should be equipped with a powerful circuit system to ensure that the motor can maintain a stable air flow in most cases, even when the battery is discharged, and provide the best comfort for users.


2. Ease of daily maintenance

Because of the particularity of PAPR respirator, the daily maintenance can not be separated from the replacement of internal parts, including filter box, filter cotton, etc. . The battery also needs to be replaced, the exterior should also be stain-resistant


3. Whether the overall design is lightweight and reasonable

A qualified PAPR respirator should be ergonomically designed, suitable for all kinds of working environment, and also can ensure the user's comfort and reduce the burden of the machine itself on the user.


The PAPR respirator is different from other instruments and devices. It is closely related to the personal safety of our users. The requirements for the PAPR respirator vary from work environment to work environment.


Therefore, the choice of PAPR respirator is a matter of comprehensive consideration. Shine, founded in 2001, provides the world's leading integrated personal protective equipment and respirator solutions. Please communicate with Shine carefully before buying, explain the scenario you want to apply, and choose the respirator that meets the needs with the help of the staff, so as not to cause serious consequences if the protective level is not up to standard.