Which industries require powered respirators?
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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the protection of the medical industry has received much attention, but in fact, the need for respiratory protection is not limited to medical scenarios, some jobs in nuclear power, pharmaceuticals, and electronics are also exposed to high-risk environments, and their industries are also protected by powered respirators.

1. Nuclear Power

A lot of work is done on scaffolding during major repairs of nuclear power plant equipment. When climbing scaffolding, wearing traditional protective masks or eye masks may cause fog, affecting the line of sight. More importantly, radioactive dust requires high-level protective equipment to minimize possible exposure to dust concentrations. At this point, the best protection is a powered respirator. Provides high-level integrated protection while reducing fogging by blowing air into the hood. Light and portable, convenient for staff to work on scaffolding.


2. The pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry may involve different types of hazardous substances in its R & D and production processes. From the common raw material dust, toxic gases, and vapors, pharmaceutical dust involved in the production of chemical raw materials and preparations, to the pathogenic microorganisms that may be exposed to during the development of vaccines.

powered respirator

There are many kinds of hazardous substances in the pharmaceutical industry, so the protection level and types of protective products are required to be higher. These include the need for protective products that protect the skin, eyes, and breath at the same time, as well as comprehensive protection against dust, pathogenic microbes, toxic gases, and vapors. The powered respirator with a different hood provides a high level of the combined respirator and eye protection.


3. The electronics industry

The toxicity of chemicals in the semiconductor process is high, and the protection of the eyes and skin is needed based on respiratory protection.


In this scenario, using a powered respirator provides more than just respiratory protection against toxic gases and vapors. The hood also covers the face, neck, and some of the shoulders to help reduce the risk of splashing corrosive chemicals that users may encounter during operation.


By listing the industries that use powered respirators, it's not hard to see that a powered respirator is a highly protected device. To ensure the above industry staff in the work of personal safety! The choice of powered respirator is important.


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