Introduction to air purifying respirator
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The air purifying respirator is a respirator that inhales ambient air and purifies it before breathing (unlike an air-supply respirator, which is a sealed system with no intakes, just like a respirator used underwater).


The air purifying respirator is used to treat particles, gases, and vapors in the atmosphere at concentrations lower than those that pose a direct risk to life and health. They may be negative pressure respirators driven by the wearer's inhale and exhale, or they may be positive pressure devices such as an electric air purifying respirator (PAPR).


The air purifying respirator can use one or both of two filters:


The Mechanical filter retains particulate matter, while the chemical cartridge removes gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other vapors.


air purifying respirator

In addition, air purifying respirators may come in several forms: filter respirators consist of only disposable Mechanical filters, flexible respirators may be reused but are fitted with replaceable filters on the respirator; The electric air purifying respirator is equipped with a battery-powered blower that allows airflow to pass through the respirator.


The use of the air purifying respirator is recommended so that the concentration of hazardous particulate matter or gas is greater than the relevant occupational exposure limit but lower than the level of immediate danger to life or health and the concentration used; This depends on the respirator having an adequate protective factor for distribution. For substances harmful to the eyes, it is recommended to wear a full-face mask, helmet, or hood respirator. Air purifying respirator is ineffective in fire fighting, oxygen deficiency, or unknown environments. In such cases, self-contained breathing apparatus should be used.


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