Air purifying respirator cleaning, maintenance, and storage methods
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With the development of society, air purifying breathing apparatus is widely used in fire fighting, the chemical industry, ships, petroleum, smelting, warehouses, laboratories, mines, and other departments for firefighters or rescue personnel to safely and effectively fight fires, rescue and relief work in various environments such as dense smoke, poisonous gas, steam or lack of oxygen. The following will explain the cleaning, maintenance, and storage methods of air purifying respirators.

air purifying respirator

1. Air purifying respirator cleaning and maintenance.

Before storage, the air purifying respirator must be cleaned and inspected. Suppose some parts of the air purifying respirator are found to be easily worn or damaged. They should be labeled no longer in use and stored separately from the normal air purifying respirator, pending repair. After each use, clean and maintain the air purifying respirator according to the following steps.

(1) Check the air-purifying respirator for mistakenly worn and aged rubber parts, worn or loose hood webbing, or damaged parts.

(2) Remove all air valves from the facepiece.

(3) Cleaning and disinfection of the mask: add neutral soap or detergent to warm water for washing, then rinse thoroughly with clean water; scrub the mask with a sponge dipped in medical alcohol for disinfection; after disinfection, then wash the mask thoroughly with applied water.

(4) Clean and disinfect the air supply valve: wipe the obvious dirt on the surface of the air supply valve with a sponge or soft cloth; check the inside of the air supply valve from the air supply valve outlet, and if it has become dirty, ask maintenance personnel to clean it.

(5) Inspection of the air supply valve.

(6) Use a wet sponge or soft cloth to scrub the other parts of the air purifying respirator that cannot be immersed in water for cleaning.

2. Storage method of air purifying respirator.

(1) After confirming all parts are dry, put. Air purifying respirators should be in the equipment box or deposited in a special storage room. The room temperature should be strictly under the instructions and the principle of corrosive gases.

(2) If the air-purifying respirator is suspected of being dangerously contaminated during use, the contaminated parts must be well-marked and handed over to maintenance personnel.

(3) When the spare parts of air purifying respirator need transportation, they should be fixed in a reliable mechanical way, and the air purifying respirator packaging and storage should try to avoid acceleration, deceleration, or sharp turn in the driving process to cause harm to the product and nearby personnel.

The above concerns air purifying respirator cleaning, maintenance, and storage methods if you want to know more, welcome to consult!