How to adjust auto dimming welding helmets?
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What is Auto dimming welding helmet? Auto Dimming helmet, which belongs to one of the types of welding masks, is mainly used to protect the eyeglasses and faces of workers in the process of electric welding. Next, I'll talk about the adjustment of auto dimming welding helmets.


auto dimming welding helmet

How to adjust auto dimming welding helmets?


During the use of an auto dimming helmet, the sensitivity of the photosensitive probe (which detects the arc light of the welding) can be set according to the different welding operation modes and working positions until the indicator light of the sensitivity to be selected is turned on.


If the filter does not darken during welding, turn up the sensitivity setting until the filter is steadily dimmed during welding operations. If an excessively high sensitivity is selected, the filter may remain dark at the end of the welding operation due to the presence of ambient light.


If this occurs, the sensitivity of the filter is reduced until the filter can be dimmed or lightened as needed.


Replacement method:


1. Replace the outer protection sheet: remove the silver hood, remove the outer protection sheet that needs to be replaced, and install the brand-new outer protection sheet on the welding filter.


2. Replace the welding filter: remove the welding filter and install a new welding filter.


3. Replace the inner protection sheet: remove the inner protection sheet, tear off the inner protection sheet, and install the inner protection sheet into the hood.


4. Battery replacement: the filter must be removed from the cap before replacing the battery. Pull out the battery case (use a screwdriver if necessary), remove the old battery and discard the old battery in accordance with local regulations, insert the new battery into the battery case, and push the battery case back to its original position. Note that all settings will revert to the factory settings, and you will need to reset each parameter of the auto-dimming lens. Discarded batteries and product parts should be disposed of in accordance with local laws and regulations. Automatic welding face panels should be treated as Electronic waste).


The above is the helmet adjustment method of auto dimming welding helmets, hope to give you help, and if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us at any time.