The use of auto darkening welding helmet
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As a new type of eye protection, the auto darkening welding helmet is an additional tool in the welding process. It is more convenient than the headwear welding mask, does not occupy the welder's hands, not welding can see the welding workpiece in the welding arc the moment the lens becomes black, effectively blocking the strong arc light, red ultraviolet radiation, and other strong light.

auto darkening welding helmet

1. auto darkening welding helmet can not be used for high-intensity supine welding or supine cutting operations because the operation there is a risk of burning molten metal dripping. When wearing a welding dust mask, avoid the welding cap affecting the dust mask's airtightness.

2. When using auto darkening welding helmet, please refer to the instructions for use in the arc welding and gas welding operations to protect the wearer's eyes and face from harmful visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation as sparks and spatter damage.

3. Do not use it for any welding operations without training in using an auto darkening welding helmet.

4. Do not use the lenses of other brands of automatic light-change welding masks in combination with each other, which will cause attenuation of the protection performance of the product.

5. Try to use the original parts, such as the internal and external protection lens, according to the product part number in the manual of the auto-darkening welding helmet. Substituting other products may damage the protection function of the product and invalidate the warranty or cause the product to be used in a manner inconsistent with the protection level and certification of the product.

6. The broken or scratched frame affects the field of view and seriously reduces the protection ability, so please replace it as soon as possible.

7. The use temperature is -5℃ (23 °F) to +55℃ (131 °F). In the lower ambient temperature, the reaction speed of liquid crystal materials in the frame set will be reduced, but this does not affect its various protective properties.

8. Be sure to put the outer protection sheet on the exterior of the frame case. Not putting in the protection sheet may cause harm to the frame case.

9. Replace the sweatband regularly and replace the worn-out parts with parts provided by the supplier.

10. Do not store the frame case of the auto-change welding cap in a place close to heat or moisture; do not use alcohol, gasoline, or thinner to clean the frame case, and do not immerse it in water.

11. Replace the protective sheet after it is broken or scratched, and do not touch the filter lens when replacing it.

12. If wearing myopic glasses and other products, pay attention to when the auto darkening welding helmet is subject to serious impact and may produce deformation, which leads to the mask and glasses contact, causing injury to the user.

Auto darkening welding helmet is suitable for two-handed operation of argon arc welding and other gas shielded welding, can improve the quality of welding, save auxiliary welding workers, reduce the welding machine idle time, greatly improve the work efficiency and workpiece quality, is a more advanced welding industry necessary protective equipment.

The above is the knowledge about the use of auto darkening welding helmets. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!