How to use powered air purifying respirator correctly
  2022/09/16| View:730

A powered air purifying respirator is widely used in all kinds of protective sites, and it is an important piece of equipment to ensure workers' safety.


Powered air purifying respirator:


1. First, we should check the appearance of the respirator, then check the signal of the respirator, turn on the mainframe of the respirator and start wearing the hood, then install its components according to the instructions, and then turn on the powered air purifying respirator switch to see if it works properly.


After checking the function, we then do a visual inspection of the respirator. After that, we open the breathing signal, put on the mask, and put on the mask so that we can adjust the tightness of the mask according to ourselves, the breathing tube fixed in their waist can be.


powered air purifying respirator

2. Connect the threaded connection of the respirator's face mask breathing hole to the threaded connection of the airway tube; after we wear the respirator tube and the airway tube are connected, then turn on the switch, then operate the function again, see if your breathing is clear, and if it is, work on it.


3. The airway should be connected to most breathing tubes before use. When we use it, we must pay attention to its pipe, to prevent it from being punctured by sharp things, causing respiratory congestion and harm, we must pay attention to its cleanliness after use, and prevent contamination of powered air purifying respirator from long-term use.


This is the correct way to use powered air purifying respirator. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.