About medical powered air purifying respirator
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At present, there are many occupations, many workers need to work long hours in the environment that threatens their health and even poisonous gas, such as mining, painting, welding, chemical industry, some agriculture, and medicine industry, etc. . For them, the respirator is a vital piece of equipment.


Respirators are divided into non-dynamic air supply type, and dynamic air supply type two. The traditional non-powered air filter respirator will bring obvious respiratory resistance and raise body temperature after use for a certain time, this leads to a reduction in effective working time, focus, and ultimately safety.


medical powered air purifying respirator

The medical powered air purifying respirator allows workers to keep the natural flow of their respiratory system after long-term use, protects them from the threat of toxic and harmful gases, and devotes themselves to their work.



Even a modest burden can be magnified by working long hours. With this in mind, the medical powered air purifying respirator is fully ergonomically designed to reduce feelings of heaviness, relieve back pressure, and be worn on the body without even feeling its presence. The design is effective in relieving back pressure at the same time but also allows workers to move more easily.


The medical powered air purifying respirator is available in a variety of models and can be purchased depending on the work environment if you do not know how to choose, please contact us, we will provide you with the necessary power supply air respiratory protection program.