full facepiece air purifying respirators


This helmet can be used for Grinding, Welding and Cutting
Lightweight, fashionable and ergonomic design
High Impact resistance polycarbonate Visor
Excellent front and peripheral vision
All-round head protection
Different shade Flip-up and inner visor effectively provides UV/IR protection
Fast and easy replacement of flip-up & inner Visor
Product Detail

1.For Cutting, Base Visor (SG lens) should be at Shade 5.
2.If only use with Base Visor (without Flip visor), it is recommended to use for Grinding only.
3.When using Base Visor +Flip Visor both together, it is recommended to use for Welding in low current and only use for a brief moment.
4.When Base Visor is in clear lens, Flip Visor cannot in Shade 8, as this will be harmful to eyes. Reason: Base Visor is in bigger size, clear lens is no protection for light even the Flip Visor is in shade 8. Light will be come through from Clear lens that is not covered by Flip Visor Shade 8 (Smaller size lens) area.

Base Visor Shade#Flip Visor Shade#Actual Shade#
Shade 2 + Shade 5-1Shade 6
Shade 3 + Shade 5-1Shade 7
Shade 2 + Shade 8-1Shade 9
Shade 3 + Shade 8-1Shade 10
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