The difference between auto dimming welding helmets and ordinary mask
  2022/09/03| View:857

Why buy an auto dimming welding helmet? What's the difference between it and a mask? If you are interested, please look down!


The difference between auto dimming welding helmet and ordinary mask:


The structure and working principle of an auto dimming welding helmet are different from that of the ordinary mask.


Auto dimming welding helmet is a tool used to protect the safety of workers during welding and cutting operations.


Mask is to prevent arc spatter, arc and radiation light welding t and neck of the shield tool damage. It comes in both hand-held and helmet-mounted versions. The brightness color number of the goggles can be selected according to the welding current used in 8, generally not too bright, so that molten iron and slag can be distinguished.


auto dimming welding helmet

Auto dimming welding helmet mainly includes two parts: the auto dimming filter and the mask shell.


The automatic variable light filter uses the photoelectric principle, in the electric welding arc light to produce the instantaneous, extremely high speed by the bright dimming.


Darkness can be optionally adjusted between DIN4-6 and DIN9-13.


Protect Welder's eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation.


An ordinary face mask is a piece of black glass, its forward field of vision is usually made of black mesh, nylon mesh, or metal yarn.


The above is the difference between an auto dimming welding helmet and a normal helmet. If you want more, stay tuned.