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Concept, classification and key indicators of powered air purifying respirator

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Powered air-purifying respirator, abbreviated as PAPR, is a type of filtered respiratory protection equipment that relies on electric fans to overcome the resistance of respirator components. Because PAPR can effectively improve the comfort of users, enhance the reliability of protection, and improve work efficiency, this type of product is widely used in many industrial production, public safety and other fields, the global demand for various types of PAPR products is expanding, and related companies also report great enthusiasm for the development of PAPR products.

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Compared with self-priming filter respirator, PAPR

The addition of an electrically powered air supply device, which reduces the user's breathing load to improve their comfort and is more suitable for higher labor intensity operations.

can maintain a positive pressure breathing environment inside the respirator mask under higher air supply conditions, which can effectively prevent external contaminated air from leaking into the mask during inhalation and improve the reliability of protection.

Loose fitting masks that do not require close fitting with the face can be used (such as open masks and air delivery hoods), thus improving the fit and comfort of the respirator and personnel.

Respiratory, eye, face and head protection can be combined to achieve comprehensive occupational safety protection needs.

2. Classification

There are many types of PAPR products. Usually, according to the type of mask PAPR can be divided into three categories: airtight mask, open mask and air delivery hood. Close type mask including half mask or full mask, open type mask and air-purifying hood two types can also be called loose fit type mask; any open type mask or air-purifying hood can also contain helmet to provide head and face against mechanical impact hazards.

Table 1 Powered air-purifying respirator classification and marking

papr categoryPAPR mask category
Airtight face shieldOpen face shieldAir delivery hood
Half maskFull Face Cover
Positive pressure typePHF
Negative pressure typeNHF
Not applicable

3. Key technical indicators of Powered air-purifying respirator

3.1 Air delivery volume

The protection ability of PAPR products is closely related to whether the air environment of the user's mouth and nose is "positive pressure" or not, and the positive pressure is directly related to the actual breathing volume of the user, i.e. labor intensity.

3.2 Protection time

Protection time refers to the time under the specified test conditions, from the beginning of the test medium into the filter element, to the test medium through the concentration of a limited value. Compared with the self-priming filter respirator, Powered air-purifying respirator product design airflow requirements lead to changes in filter element protection time test conditions, which indicates that the protection performance of any supporting filter element used for PAPR should be re-evaluated according to the effective airflow or initial actual airflow of PAPR.

The design characteristics of PAPR products are mainly to improve the comfort of the wearer and increase the efficiency of work while ensuring a certain level of protection. Therefore, the protection time of the filter elements used in these products is generally shorter than that of ordinary air filtration products under the same conditions. In addition, the protection time requirement specified in the standard is only the protection capacity of the filter element obtained under the laboratory test conditions, and does not represent the actual protection time obtained under the actual conditions of use. With the actual use conditions of the filter element, the protection time may be different from the protection time under the test conditions determined by this standard, which may be longer or shorter.

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