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AS-3000F Series
● Fashion design, reasonable ergonomic structure,comfortable and convenient to use.
● The mask is made of special Nylon , and has higher enough strength and operation temperature for welding.
● Ample mask space, safety structure , perfect face protection from welding , especially for ears and neck.
● Use high quality LCD and multilayer optical interference filter. Provide clear view and permanent UV/IR protection up DIN 15
● Power supply by solar cells ,no battery change required.
● Fit for standard auto darkening filter dimension : 110x90x8.5mm (4.33" x 3.54" ).
● Mask and auto darkening filter meet with CE and ANSI standard.
● Operation temperature : -10 °C-65 °C (14 °F-149 °F)
● Suitable for a variety of color paint and decals.



Technical                 ADF
AS-3000F AS-3000F(I) AS-3000(V) AS-3000F(M) AS-3000F(M/I) AS-3000F(M/4) AS-3000F(M/I/4)
XA-1001F XA-1001F(I) XA-1007 XA-1010 Pro XA-1010(I) Pro XA-1011 Pro XA-1011(I) Pro
Filter dimension  110x90(4.33"x3.54") 110x90(4.33"x3.54")
View size  96x42mm(3.78"x1.65") 100x49mm(3.94"x1.93") 97x47mm(3.82"x1.85")
Classification 1/1/1/2
Sensors  2 4
Light state 4 4
Dark state Variable shade 9-13
Power control Fully automatic
Shade control External Internal  External External Internal  External  Internal 
Switching time at 23℃ 0.1ms 0.08ms
Sensitivity & Delay time control  Adjustable (Internal)
Time from dark to light 0.1-0.9s adjustable
Grinding function NO Yes (external)  Yes (Internal) Yes (External) Yes (Internal)
Grinding  warning flash  NO Yes 
Low battery Warning indicator  NO Yes 
Operation temperature -10℃- 65℃(14℉-149℉)
Storing temperature -20℃- 85℃(-4℉-185℉)
Power supply   Solar cell,no battery change
Certifications approved CE , ANSI , CSA CE, ANSI, CSA CE, ANSI, CSA
UV/IR Protection DIN15
Out protection lens PL-2002 (110x90mm)            
Inner protection lens PL-2003 (103.5x47mm) PL-2001 (104.7x53.8mm)

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